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 Hi ya! I have some bad news, I hurt my back :( had to call in sick at work of fear that I might just hurt it more if I went. I never call in sick, I feel so lame for calling in sick for that though. I can't wait until it just goes back to normal. There wasn't a single event that I remember hurt it, I just remember it being sore and then I pulled weeds and now it hurts to just bend over and pick something off the ground. I honestly think it's because my hamstrings are so tight.

Notice anything new in my pictures? Umm welcome to the world of lipstick Nikki! Yep I bought a more natural color lipstick. How did I do? I finally broke down and bought some Mac makeup, lets just say I'm addicted lol

What are your favorite Mac lipstick colors?

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Lexi Winters said...

This whole outfit is amazing! Cute blog!

xoxo Lexi

cleartheway said...

Love your lip color! Also, such a cute jacket.

Kate from Clear the Way