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Don't you think that bike is amazing? My hubby is so talented. He rebuilt it from an old bike, and it turned out so good. He has quite the eye for things like this. He does maintenance and repairs on any bike needed, so if you need any repairs you can contact him at or follow his awesome IG @jeffhep
Now that I've shared with you my amazing talented husband lets talk about my cozy sweater. It reminds me of Mr Rogers and that just puts a smile on my face. Hope it makes you smile too! 
Can you believe that it's the last day of Sept? I love fall and I love Halloween Decorations! I'm so excited to decorate my house this year. I'll have to post some pictures once I decorate it. 
Thanks for reading!

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Mikell Gordon said...

okay YOUR BRACELET is soo rad! and your SHOES! Gaul.. I love this whole outfit!

eliz said...

Nothing wrong with Mr. Rogers...I still sing the intro song once in awhile...;-)