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I started my month of graves this week, man it's really screwed me up.
Here are some downfalls about working graveyards.
1. No matter how long you sleep during the day, you wake up feeling groggy and still tired
2. You miss all activities that happen during the day because you are sleeping
3. Staying awake all night messes up your natural circadian rhythm so you can't sleep during the night either
4. You end up drinking a lot of caffeine whether it's tea or soda which isn't healthy
5. You get sick during your shift because it's just not natural to eat meals in the middle of the night
Wow I'm not complaining at all...complete sarcasm....Working graves is just part of working the medical field and being so young in it. 
My usual routine when I work a graveyard is I get home around 0745, jump in the shower, and in bed by 0800. I then always wake up around 1200 and just lay around in my pj's the rest of the day. Well this morning I got home around 0830, showered and then was in bed around 0900 which then I laid there and couldn't sleep. I was suppose to have friends show up at my house around noon to go to the pool but decided not to because of how exhausted I was going to be. I ended up waking up at 1200 feeling nausea and extremely tired anyway. Then I sat in bed for 2 hours trying to sleep, nothing. 
Tonight I'll sleep great and be back to normal until Monday night when it will all start again. 
Oh the life of a nurse :)

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P. said...

Wow! That is a messed up schedule! Good luck adapting to it. :)


Ana Paula