Best lemonade ever!

We rode our bikes to the Bountiful farmers market last week. 
Well we actually usually ride every week, if we remember.
This week I decided to take my camera
I didn't take a lot of the pictures 
That kind of happens to me
I take  haul my camera around everywhere but never pull it out
I have this problem that I feel really strange taking pictures of everything
Weird, right?
Anyway we got some amazing yummies and I didn't get chain grease on my white canvas pants!
Take that one Jeffie (We had a little bet about the chain grease and white pants...)

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McKenna Lou said...

Hey Nikki!!

I was lead to your blog by your cousins Nate and Ashley and I am so glad they told me about it. I simply love everything here! You have such great style and I am so inspired by your posts! Just wanted to say hi!

xx. McKenna Lou

P. said...

Don't feel awkward taking pictures of everything! If you have a camera, people will think that you're a total pro and take it as a compliment (as opposed to being like me, obnoxiously taking pictures with my cell phone because I always leave my camera at home, LOL).

Love your pictures! :)


Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Those cupcakes look disgustingly good! It was good to meet you the other night too! :)