Ok this post is slightly different then the rest.
I have a scarf 3 different ways (real original right?)
Not any ol scarf but the stars and stripes of our nations flag scarf. Which right now is so in! (Please read that with a valley girl expression, Thanks!)
Option #1
 Simple enough, right? I actually really love this look. It's casual, yet slightly different and fun. It was easy to do, simple knot. :) but I did mine to be slightly longer on one side so you are able to see the stars along with the stripes on top of my hair.
Option #2
 Rockin the turban. I do have to say, umm my head hates holding in scarfs or headbands so I just had to bobby pin it on and there was a little tail in the end that wouldn't tuck because I didn't start with the ends equal. Lesson to learn! But this is a fun way to dress up the messy bun.
Option #3
Okay this one looks like I just have the scarf hanging from my neck, but really I turned it into a vest. I know you can't really tell (bad pictures, sorry) but I took the back 2 corners and wrapped them around my body and tied them in a cute bow. For some reason my brain didn't think...hey it would be a great idea to take a pic of that for the blog....nope no brain activity about that one at all. But I've seen this done where they wore a jacket/cardigan that hit just at the hips and had the front tails of the scarf sticking out...it was SUPER CUTE!But I'm not about to wear a cardi or a jacket when it's 102 degrees out sorry! Try it out, I know you'll love it! 
Happy 4th!
Thanks for reading and viewing my pics!

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Nikki Evans said...

Hey! You didn't mention that you had the scarf specially imported from London..... ;)