So I had to do a post about all the food I tried. The reason being is my hubby is a huge foodie and so I took a pictures of almost every meal i at just so I could show him. 
Most of these pics are iPhone pics but hey they still work.
Yep I even took pictures of the airport/airplane food. Munchin some pizza at JFK
 If you haven't ever had airplane food, well here you go. This pictures defiantly doesn't make it look good. It's no Cafe Rio or anything but it will do for the ride. This was the chicken and rice with marinara sauce. I am not a huge fan of the spaghetti sauce so it wasn't the greatest meal.

 View from airport of NYC
 Once I got there and slept for a couple hours my Aunt made me this amazing vietnamese 'omelet' called Bun Sao. It was amazing, homemade vietnamese food YUM!
 Went to the bakery and got some goodies.
 My aunt was nice enough to buy me some coke, I couldn't wake up and I had a headache from the lack of coke since I'd been there. Can we say Addict.
 More amazing treats!
 When I stayed at my aunt/uncles house I would walk to this little bakery and buy myself some snacks when I was bored and craving a treat.
 Eating my fav.
 This is what I ate at Galleries LaFayette, sweet potato mashed with beef, it was so tender and AMAZING!
 Then I had to get Creme Brûlée, oh YUM!
 The ceiling of Galeries LaFayette.
 When I went and stayed with my other aunt we went to go get lunch with her friend. Her friend was craving Korean so we went to, but all they had Bibimbap. It was good too, but not my fav.
 Had to get some macaroons, of coarse!
One thing I learned about the food in europe is that it's all so fresh! Everything tastes more fresh, it's just soo good. Plus I found out my uncle is an amazing cook. This picture above is an example of his skills. It's fresh chicken with onion and garlic, I think this was my fav meal. And they were kind enough to make it for me twice. I could eat this every night.
 In Brugge I bought this water and it was so expensive. It was like 3 Euros, this water was like one gulp.
 I had to try a traditional Belgium meal and it was....sooo nasty! Never again will I step out my comfort zone.
 It's the Witlof I tried, nasty nasty nasty.
 I know this is probably really immature but it was hilarious. I had to take a picture so I could share it will my immature friends and husband. We all got a good laugh out of it.
 Also my friends I stayed with in Belgium shared this amazing chocolate milk with me. It was so good I shipped some home via mail so I could enjoy it at home, and share it with the hubs.
 In Cologne we had to get the pretzels. I love carbs, ALL CARBS! It was so good, I wanted to stop by every corner and get one, but decided that my butt didn't need it. lol
 Food in Germany, yum yum!
 Potato dumplings, ham, and sauerkraut.
 Stuffed potato dumpling.
 Yummy coke in Germany at the Porsche museum

 This is what I got from the corner cafe on Easter Sunday. It was good, I don't like burnt edges so I wasn't to fond of that part, but the rest was good.
 More yummies!
 My amazing uncle cooked Baby Stingrays for dinner. It was actually really good!
 This was the finish product of the Sting Ray.
 Stinky cheese, not my fav. Really nasty in my mind!
 I went to the store and bought this salt home, it is so much better than the salt at home.
 I brought all this home, yumm!
Danish cookies, I know you can get these in the USA, but I just had to buy some!
 This is the Mcdonalds, soo busy and no where to sit! Mad house!
 Rabbit, yum!
And Salmon. It was seasoned so well! 

That is my food post. I can't believe everything I tried. 
Some things amazing some things just nasty nasty!

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House of Tong said...

BANH XEO IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE FOODS!! Im such a foodie too! You go girl! oxoxo