Yee Haw! Had to go out to the barn to fix a motorcycle. Yes there are motorcycles at the barn,
oh and horses! I found out that I'm not a very good horse photographer, why? 
Because I'm scared of these animals. Not run away screaming scared of them, more like I won't get in the corral with these animals to get up close and personal with them. Its way too scary, I don't know if they are mad or happy.

 But while I was there I did take outfit pictures...I would be a horrible blogger if I didn't take them. But don't fret, you get them and horses and motorcycles! Motorcycles, one word. LOVE! This year I'm going to finally get my motorcycle license and ride my bike around. Last summer I didn't ride much because my bike was always breaking down on my mid-ride and I got so frustrated, but Jeff ordered my new parts and I should be zipping around everywhere soon!
 / Pants- F21 / T Shirt-Target / Cardi-H&M / Shoes-Target / Sunnies-as always Ray Bans /
 Here are a couple of motorcycle photos from that night.

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One Comment

Gabriella said...

I love these photographs! That outfit is absolutely adorable. I wanted a motorcycle for years, but never got around to getting my license - have fun zipping around once it's fixed!