This my friends is the last Europe travel post. 
Put don't worry I plan to do a post on all the crazy food I tried. 
Yes I try a lot of different foods and took pictures of it all on my phone.
But we will get there when its time, next week.
This post is the post of Paris, again. 
After going to all those fun places around Europe I returned to Paris for a few more days.
This is what I did. 

 This is what happens on Easter Sunday in Paris.
 Ahh yes!
 iPhone pictures start here.
 The line to get into the CL store.

I loved this store front!
That is it. I was pretty travelled out and ready to go home. 
18 days on the road, living out of my backpack for a week is rough.
Missing my hubby and only having a few times to FaceTime with him was really hard!
Not to mention coming home to a finished home was so exciting!
It was time to come home!

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