These first 3 pictures aren't Heidelberg but a little town that I'm not sure the name of.
All I know about it is it's well known by the military folks for having 
amazing dumplings.
Yep went and tried them...I'm not a dumpling fan.
But had a great experience.

 Thank you Jeremy and Brit for letting me crash at your place!
I had a blast!!
 This my friends is Heidelberg Castle.

 Look no beanie! 

 I love the views of this castle and of the city below.
 The Rhine River is beautiful! 
And of coarse we had to end with a little shopping. 
Next stop Stuttgart!

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eliz said...

Ahhhhmazing! My husband is dying to go to Germany...we are hoping to go next summer or in two summers.

Caroline Topperman said...

I love small European towns. They have such amazing histories. These pictures are beautiful.

Nikki H said...

Eliz- It was pretty amazing! I hope you guys get there! Stay toon for the next post this week, it's more Germany.

Caroline-They do have amazing histories. Thank you