Yep look how amazing I am, I'm blogging as I'm on vaca!! Actually it's a trial run for blogging while I'm in Europe next month. Anyway, the hubs and I came down to las Vegas to go to Magic Tradeshow and Mrket show to be buyers for Jeff's dads fine men's clothing store, Johnstown Ltd. I'm kinda exciting for these shows but also have no idea what to wear to them. So these future posts will be the outfits I wore to the shows. Then I'll let you know if I over or under dressed, I'm planning on overdressing more than under.

Day one:
We spent day one spent shopping for bedding at West Elm, watching Jeff skate at the park, eating Whole Foods, and trying to find a decent swap meet to go too(never found one!) Here are the pics.

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Marsa Lee said...

haha the last picture. that's a nice change in weather huh?