This saying is inspiration for my New Years Resolutions! So thank you to the person who pinned it, if you realize it's you and if you read my blog lol

Anyway back to the New Years resolution or resolutions. Here they are...

1. Decrease the amount of clothing that is bought per month. 
I know I did a resolution like this last year and it lasted maybe 2-3 months. But this year I'm going to try and make it slightly easier and more specific with simple rules. Rule #1-it's okay to buy while on vacation. #2-it's okay to buy an outfit for special occasions example-wedding, graduation, and birthday. #3-when buying ask myself if it's a necessity, do I have something similar, and is this going to be out of style next season. and #4-pay in cash!

2. Don't get jealous of people who have things you can't afford, but appreciate the things that are necessities in life that you do have. 
Looking at a lot of fashion blogs makes you, or at least me, focus on the more materialistic things in life. It also makes me always want something new, I'm guessing it just comes with blogging and my personality. So this resolution I'm going to try and switch my thinking from 'Man I'd love to have that bag' or 'How does she afford those boots?' because we all know, those things aren't important. What is important is that I'm able to buy food to put on the table, enjoy a nice (soon to be) new warm home every night, I have a great job, and an amazing husband and family! 

3. Compliment at least one person per day 
It feels good to be complimented, I know I enjoy it!

4. Enjoy more time with Jeff
More husband time=happy me!

I personally think these resolutions are amazing, but I might be a little bias lol I'd love to hear your New Years Resolutions, so tell me all about them! 

Hope you guys have a great New Years Day!

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Tiffany Siladke said...

Awesome resolutions! I can relate, especially to your number two. Why do we do that?! Not a good habit. Happy New Year!

Your newest follower,