We have had arctic weather here in Utah this past week, I'm not kidding it's been in single digits and below zero at night. Crazy huh! 
I've heard a lot of people are hating it, but it hasn't bugged me at all because I'm always warm.

Here are my tricks to staying warm in this freezing arctic weather.

Beanies- I've heard that you loose the most heat out of your head, well I don't know if thats true but wearing a beanie always seems to make the biggest difference on staying warm. It gives you some nasty hair, but then you feel like a ski bum or a hipster so it makes it ok.

Thermal- I wear a thermal under everything! I mean everything! 

 Thick Leggings- I wear leggings under all my jeans just to add another layer, and if it's the thick workout ones or the base layer for boarding it works amazing. You'd be surprised on how well it keeps your legs warm.

North Face Jacket- Best Christmas gift EVER! I got the 700 down Nuptse 2! It's the warmest jacket I've ever owned. Best $220 spent (by my parents) lol

The thick socks and gloves are pretty self explanatory.

Well those are the 5 Winter Essentials according to me. Hope they help out those cold toes out there.