My weekend festivities included going to the lake to move a fence(plus it was kinda chilly so I didn't take pictures), then riding my motorbike around today(hence the fact my hair is frizzy and messy), then going to the garden then riding my pedal bike to get ready for my 50 mile bike ride this coming Saturday! I'm riding the Little Red, hopefully I can make it because my pedal bike JUST got finished yesterday! 

Have a great day!

PS bought my new camera, the D7000(big upgrade from my D50!) I love figuring out new toys!!

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I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts, outfits, and love for fashion with people who love the same. But after blogging for about 2 years I feel I haven't met or seen any love from people who read this blog. I'm not crying that I want sympathy comments, but I want some feed back about what I can do to get the readers(you) more involved. I've been offered positions to offer 'giveaways' but I would rather have readers who truly enjoy the content and pictures other than who are just in it for the free stuff(not that free stuff isn't wonderful). 

So with that said, what are some ways that you as readers would like to see happen on this blog that would make you want to get more involved?

Skirt-Target, Shoes- Forever Young Shoes, Cardi-Nordstrom, Bracelets-Target, Sunnies-Free People, Tanktop-H&M
Hope you guys had a great weekend, mine was fun. Went to a wedding, worked, and watched my garden start to grow!! Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

Weekly schedule is
Monday-laying out baby!!
Tuesday- get my hair done then work a grave
Wednesday- sleep then grave
Thursday- sleep then grave
Friday and Saturday- I don't know yet :)

The Hubs and I went on a little drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon after dinner the other night. It was a great little drive to the top then turn around and come back down. I love Utah's mountains they are GORGEOUS, and I am so lucky to live here! 
 Well other than our great drive I made my dad pull over so I can take a few shots. Here they are! 
 Too bad my belt looks crooked in these pictures...bummer :(

Skirt-Dickies, Cardi- Target, Belt-unknown, Tank-H&M, Sunnies- Free People, Watch-Vestal

(Photobooth takes amazing pictures...not lol)
This outfit was yesterdays outfit because today I look like this....yes at the pool....again! LOL I can't resist a day in the mid-80's and since I did everything yesterday (grocery shopping...yuck!) I should enjoy my day off!
 These pictures were taken out by the garden that we are trying to grow. I hope it grows...oh I hope it grows!
 Ps I wanted to say WELCOME to all the Blissful and Domestic readers, stay awhile so I can get to know you a bit!!! And thank you Danielle for the link!
 Shirt-Forever 21, Shorts-Dickies, Shoes- Forever Young Shoes, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets- Target, Sunnies- Free People

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I now have herbs that I'm going to try and keep alive! I've planted a few different things in pots the past couple of years and haven't had the best of luck so to me it's just try and keep anything alive at this point! I'm attempting to grow cilantro, basil, and rosemary. I also planted a red pepper plant and some wildflowers in a few smaller pots because the seeds were given to me awhile back.
In the front yard I planted some begonias in an old bucket my grandpa used forever ago. Which that bucket now sits next to my great grandmas old patio chairs that I repainted. I think they all turned out great.

Well hopefully I don't get called into work tonight, it's been so nice outside and I don't want to sleep it all away tomorrow.

When I put this outfit together I really thought I liked it. But then I took these pictures and realized I hated those shoes with this outfit. The shirt and pants are ok together but the shoes HIDEOUS! So I changed them after these pictures taken, and went on my little way. Some outfit posts aren't always amazing, this I believe is completely normal and happens to everyone, so why hide them...Here is my horrible outfit post today and horrible pictures. LOL 

Ps yes I realize my hanger strap is hanging out, not to mention that shortly after this picture was taken mother nature decided to hate me and made it more clean car :(
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Greatest Feeling In The WORLD!!! That's what I did today, went and washed the car, cleaning the interior, AND waxed it! Yep I waxed the car!! I can't wait to get in it tomorrow and drive to my next location.
 Tonight the Hubs and I had a visit from the stake president...I thought for sure one of us was getting a calling, but man we lucked out. They just wanted to come by and say hi, maybe next time we'll be the lucky ones lol.
Pants-Reuse, Shirt-Levis, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Belt- Michael Kors, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace-unknown brand bought through Fab
Have a great night! I'm going to get scone cutter...if I can talk the Hubs into it!

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