Since it's the end of the year I love to think about all the things that we enjoyed in 2012. So here is a recap of the past year!

We to NASA and then on a cruise.

Headed back to FL for my brothers wedding

 Then they got married in the temple the next week

 Spend ALOT of time doing this!
 Rode in my first ride!
Went to Tuacahn and saw Aladdin
 Drove to Canada to camp

 Weekly day trips to Pineview to do this!
Jeff Graduated!!
It was a pretty good year and hopefully it will continue into 2013!


Tiffany Siladke said...

What an eventful year! We went on a cruise as well, it is so nice to be able to relax and not worry about a thing. I am one of your newest followers, I love your blog!


Nikki said...

Tiffany! Don't you just love cruises! They are the greatest vacas every, don't have to worry about where you are sleeping, what your going to eat, or what you are going to do that night. Thanks for following!