Can you believe it's already Friday? This week my days are all screwed up because the holidays! 
Well Today's Friday Confessions has to do with the holidays, but more the fact that...

I love decorating for the holidays but I love even more putting the decorations away the weekend after Christmas!

It's something about my home homeostasis being all screwed up that puts me in a rush to put things back fast. Am I weird? I know a ton of people who LOVE holiday decor and could leave it up all year round...or do and just decorate the tree for all different holidays (Yes I'm not kidding I know someone who does this) Anyway, I'm going to put my Christmas stuff away now. Outfit post tomorrow before I work my life away (4 graveyard shifts in a row...FOUR! I'm going to die!!!)

Did you check out my Instagram yesterday with the fun pictures of snowboarding with my girls yesterday? If not, check it out @nikki_fashionsonthefly

PS I'm still wearing that beanie...I'm in love with it! Thanks World Market!!


Kaolee Hoyle said...

I know what you mean! Although putting my tree away will be a little sad since it's a reminder that christmas is over :(

Nikki said...

I left my tree and garland for a few more days and put everything else away! lol