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I never have been a massive fan of the fur, except when I saw this little simple vest. Yep fell in love, and I can't wait to see what I can do with it.

One thing about this outfit is that I didn't want to wear tights, so I decided to wear these socks which go above my knees...PERFECT to keep my little leggies warm and solved the problem of not having to wearing tights.

This week I've been kind of irritated at this blogger/blogging thing, I had to buy more space from Google for my pictures...I didn't even know that would happen. Now my blog is actually costing me money, so weird to think about.

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Look at the hubs being so classic, or looking like Mr Rogers. Either way he looks pretty awesome in my mind!


Andi__Smith said...

Yep, I was so annoyed when I had to pay for my picture storage! I'm glad it isn't too expensive, or I'm not sure what I would do!


Jessi said...

Oh my goodness the same thing just happened to me just barely too!! I was like wait, what is this?! And I had to do it cuz I was in the middle of posting...
Anyway...LOVE the fur! I've been itching to try it lately. You look so cute I love the tights and boots! And yes we should totally do something :)