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I go through these phases where I love to work out then I absolutely hate it and say 'I don't need to work out!' but in all honesty, I really do need to workout! With my job I need to make sure my body is in perfect condition to lift patients so I don't hurt myself and not to mention I need to have the stamina to do CPR. So I bought a gym pass!
Today was day one, just did cardio and then checkout a couple of the machines. But tomorrow I have an appointment with a trainer to get me into shape. Guess we will see how it goes!

Now for your help...I NEED music to motivate me to get into shape! Please share your favorite workout songs! Thanks :)

(Guess you can tell I like button downs with sweaters over it haha)


Kaolee Hoyle said...

I go through the same phases. Good luck! As for songs, I love all of Lady Gaga's songs and Beyonce's songs.

A J said...

YAY for joining a gym! I love working out, its actually kinda pathetic that I love it so much. Good luck with the trainer!

I am weird when it comes to workout music. I like angry stuff or pop or rap. One of my favorite songs is Calabria 2007 (total raver kind of song, but the beat pumps me up every time I hear it).


Nikki said...

I wish I loved it. I had the hardest time going today, but I did and now I am proud of myself for it hahaha

Nikki said...

Thanks Kaolee I love working out to Lady Gaga!