Yesterday on our bike ride my friend passed me and asked if I was ok, I said im great and he pedaled on. That exact moment of his passing I get a flat tire :( got off my bike called my hubby who was ahead of me who then processed forward in the MASSIVE head wind to get the car. Finally made it to the side street and waited. While waiting I had 3 nice people pull over to offer help, its nice to know those people still exist. I respectfully declined and thanked them for the thought, after the third person I decided to continue walking the road. The hubs showed up and we went back to the cabin. It was an eventful day, the night proceeded with dinner, movies, and games with friends! It was a blast thanks G and Ang for joining us up at the Eden house!

Here are some pictures of me waiting on the side street for the hubs! Hope you all had a great weekend!