Hey guys...I wanted to go over a couple of the products that were sent out in the Birchbox that just was sent out.

 Product #1...Stainiac...I was nervous about this thing. Maybe because I've never used a stain before.

 But I LOVE IT!! It's perfect for a casual day(which is my everyday!) or even good for work!

 Product #2 Stila bronzer...I NEVER EVER use bronzer because I'm scared of looking like I'm wearing a mask, and then I pumped this little product onto my finger and it looked like my worse nightmare. Well Birchbox you did it again...I love this one too!!
 Here is the only shot you will ever get of me online with absolutely no makeup on, just a little left over eyeliner that I can never get off.
Can't tell very well in this picture but there is a bit of shimmer to this bronzer and it really does even out the tone of your face.

 PS Here is my outfit today.

I haven't really tried the spray yet, because I haven't needed too. But I will try it at the end of my little road trip that my mom is waiting for me as I type. 

I tried the perfume today, it was good. The Hubs even liked it, I'm not much of a perfume girl so only time will tell.

I'm out! Have a great weekend, off to do a little wake boarding :)
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