It's a new week...a new week to have fun and make more memories. I have fun plans this week, I can't wait to share them at the end. But before we do that, this outfit is what I wore yesterday, because right now as you are reading this I'm catching some zzz's after I worked a grave last night. I would have posted it yesterday but then I won't have anything to read for here is your fun little outfit post!

 Do you want to hear my favorite part of this whole outfit...this skirt I'm wearing is really a dress. I finally tried the 'turn the dress into a skirt' trick and I can give myself a little bit of credit for being creative, which I feel I'm never very creative with my outfits. One more thing I love about my outfit is my cuff I'm' wearing has a map of NYC subway on it, I freakin love it!

Dress- Forever 21, Jacket-Lucky, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Shirt-old, possibly Wet Seal, Cuff- but bought off me know if you want an invite, coolest site around!)
Alright here is my weekly schedule!
Monday-Sleep then go back to work
Tuesday-Sleep then eat dinner @ my parents YUM
Wednesday-no plans but later that night take a drive to see Golden Spike National Historic Site(State monument where the railroads met from east to west...which I'm way excited about!!) This place has kinda been one of those places I just want to check off my To See in UT checklist, that's why I'm excited about it!
Thursday- Bachlorette Party that night!!
Friday- On call so maybe work
Saturday- Work a grave

So If i'm not to groggy on tues I'll see you then...if not I'll see you for sure on Wednesday.
Have a great Monday!

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Elvi said...

I spent so much time trying on Max dresses at forever...they were still sooo long...booo :-(