Yesterday was slightly stressful...thought our flight left an hour later which resulted in a hurry and rush, check bags, go through security, and make it to the gate all within a half an hour. But we made it, then had a 5 hour layover in Houston (yes you read right I typed a 5). It was horrible, thank goodness the terminal we were in had good food and we found a quite place to relax. Then our plane got delayed...of coarse! When we finally got to Florida we had an hour and half drive from the airport, so we didn't arrive until midnight! Not to mention tired, smelly, and hungry. So we went to Waffle House at 1 am, it tasted soo good!

Today wasn't bad. We drove around and saw some parts of my brothers mission. Drove to panama city and went to the beach and alittle shopping. Now I can say I've been to panama city beach during spring break...glad I can mark that one off the list ;) not my style if partying personally, but we found a private beach with the gate left open and enjoyed alittle sand and sun!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, sorry to the lovely people back home in Utah who had to shovel the snow today :( here are a few pictures.