Tomorrow is the big day! I hope I thought of everything, cleaned everything, and my sweet dog Boomer is good for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

I think I packed everything and then some, hopefully my luggage isn't over weight. I always seem to overpack, if I don't though then I stress. Well I had to pack for 10 days...that includes a pair of tennis shoe, 2 pairs of flats (my DVF and my leopard ones), flip flops, Michael Khors heels, and my vans. Do you think that many is an over kill?? Then I have 2 sun dresses and 2 formal dresses. Red pants, black pants, blue pants, and 2 pairs of jeans (my Hudson's and my Free People). Man am I boring you with my packing list? Ok well I better go vacuum the house.

This is my outfit today...ya horrible picture but my other camera is packed away. But I love how it turned out. Ps also got my hair cut, brought the bangs back but this time I can also swoop them to the side! Love that fact about them. Anyways have a great night!