I wanted to say I'm so excited to have Lilly guest post for me today. You guys are in for a treat, she is an amazing and stylish lady and you have to stop on over at her blog Lilly's Style! Thanks Lilly! 

 Hi, I'm Lilly from Lilly's Style I'm excited to be guest posting for Nikki while she is soaking up some sun. Sounds like a well deserved vacation, so enjoy every minute of it girl! :) Since Nikki's vacation involves warm weather it would only be appropriate to show you some cute beach vacation outfits. When Islands hopping back in October I wanted to look cute but also be comfortable. I packed lots of short, tees, tank tops, dresses. And my fedora was on my head every single day while on the beach. A hat is a must, at least for me. Here are three different outfits that are cute and comfortable at the same time, and which girls doesn't like that!?! You can click on each item for info on it.

What are some of your warm weather vacation must-haves?

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Courtney Miarka said...

Just found your blog through Lilly's guest post...*new follower* Hope you're enjoying your trip!

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