I finally got my order from Victoria Secret today, it had 3 different swimming suits in it. Yes it's January and I'm ordering swimming suits, but I do have an amazing excuse for ordering them....CRUISE at the end of February to the Virgin Islands! I'm way excited to go and get away for a week! (PS I'm looking for people who would like to guest post for me that week, shoot me an email if you're interested.)

So these are the ones I ordered.

(In white with teal bottoms)

(In a strip)

It's really hard to show you the exact swimming suits when they were on sale and they took the sale suits off the website...Sorry

Here is my review of each of these suits starting with my least liked.
#2- This suit was my least favorite but it really had nothing to do with the actual suit. The pattern was cute, the padding was great, but the top just didn't fit my small little A cups well. So that was an automatic you're out!
#3- I really actually liked this suit but I think I might have ordered the top too small, which is a total bummer. With it being to small I felt like it was trying to push things in the wrong ways(aka I had major side-boob action going on). The bottoms weren't that great either, I put them on and felt like my butt didn't fill them out so I had saggy bottom syndrome. You know when you've worn a suit too much and it stretches out and just doesn't fit...yep that's what I had in the bottoms.
#1- This one fit like a charm! I was surprised that the top fit so well, I didn't feel as if I were to move wrong something might pop out. And the bottoms were nice and snug. So this was the winner!

Thats my review of those suits, now I just need a tan!
(All pictures via Victoriasecret.com)

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tourist in my town said...

i like the 3rd one best too but i'm glad the 1st one fit well. i always have trouble too when i order online- i just hope for the best, that it will fit well.

Lindee Orr said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who orders 5 things online to have 1 work out.  I love the purple one, so cute.