I have a silly face in this picture...or maybe my true colors came out. This picture was quite the bugger to get. As you can see we got 6 freakin inches of snow in one night and now I don't have a great place to put my camera while standing on dry ground. My camera is resting on my car and I'm clear at the end of the driveway hoping my remote works from this far(hence the fact my hand looks silly from holding the remote.) You can just call this whole post SILLY. But I do like my fun outfit today, it's bright and I'm wearing purple Toms lol! Question-would you guys like me to post where I got my clothing items from??

This weeks agenda includes...
Monday(Today)-Pick up new Jeep to replace the one that got smashed in the wind storm(to read about it go here). Then work a grave tonight.
Tuesday- sleep until about 1 then go visit one of my doc friends who is here from FL working at my old place of employment. Then get my armpits and my eyebrows laser hair-removed. Then dinner with Marky and Audrey and their cute little babe!!
Wednesday-NO PLANS! (ok maybe hwk)
Thursday- Work
Friday- Lunch with another doc friend to catch up on things

Whats on your agenda this week??

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