Wow I had a crazy weekend, I was assisting the doc while he was intubating my patient and the patients blood pressure tanked. Tanked as in systolic down to 40 (normal is 120)!! Man if I didn't have my charge nurses help I would be stressing out of my mind, but everything went well and the patient is doing fine.

Other than work the past 2 days I decided today that I was going to try my hand at making the Vietnamese soup Pho. Im hoping that being half Asian will give me the upper hand on that. I'll tell you how it goes.

This is my outfit today. I am wearing my new shoes and cardi. I love the color of this cardi and got it from Target on sale for $8! Woot woot for sales!!

Well this is my schedule this week.
Wednesday-nothing until I scrapbook with my mom later on that night
Thursday-lunch with Kristy and then work a grave
Friday-hopefully sleep until 2 then chillin
Saturday- no plans!!!

Peace out- Nikki

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Jet said...

I love those shoes! xo Jet