Wow I can not believe that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Seriously, this year has just flew by!! Today I've done some early Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving food shopping(if you consider Jello food), and went and got the Hubs his birthday gift he's been wanting. Which by the way his birthday was yesterday and I didn't get a post in because I was spending all my time with him, but Happy Birthday again babe! I love you tons!!

This is my outfit I threw on this morning. I was going for the comfy look again. I'm wearing this new sweatshirt thing, and the front pocket is lace and has sequence ALL OVER IT!! Happy moment, lol! I couldn't resist it when I went to Kohls! 

Did you guys notice something weird about this picture...its the end of November and there isn't any snow on the ground :( I've been waiting for that white fluffy stuff to cover the ground so it could feel more like Thanksgiving. But guess I'll just have to do without with snow. Oh ps I stepped in a Boomer Buddy aka dog poo and kinda was bummed lol

Well I'm off to go cut the flowers down before the snow falls. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!