Today is kinda going to be a post about myself and things that I wouldn't really share or would not usually come up. Here are 5 new facts about myself that maybe you don't already know.

1. I can sometimes be a risk taker/thrill seeker. I have been skydiving and scuba diving. Scuba diving isn't too bad but when your biggest fear is drowning then its petty scary. I've been scuba diving in NV, Key West, Grand Cayman, and Belize. Honestly, everything looks the same down there. Ok well lakes are different but all the ocean dives I've been on have all been very similar.

2. I love to travel. My usual internet routine is to look at my email, then facebook, blogger, then travel websites. I'm always looking for great deals and comparing prices. Hubs probably gets sick of saying 'We are already going on a trip that month.' Its true though, I usually plan at least 1 weekend a month to be out of town whether its a big trip or just a small get away to the cabin. I love traveling!

3. Hubs got a handgun this past year and I finally got the guts up to shoot it a couple of weeks ago. They scare the crap out of me for some reason, I'm fine with shooting a shotgun though. I know doesn't make much sense, anyways we went to the range and I got 2 bulls eyes!

4. I absolutely hate oatmeal! I have tried so hard to like it but man I can't handle the texture. Its just a big bowl of mush, yogurt and bananas get to me to at times.

5. I just wrote the best assignment for school every. I had to write a letter to my body apologizing for every horrible thing i have said or done to it.  It sure makes me appreciate my health and how well my body works. Ya I know this one isn't really a fun fact about me, but i really enjoyed the assignment. I think everyone should really try it out.

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