I only say that because I don't have a super rad iPhone...so my pictures aren't as good quality. Anyways, I know I promised some fashion this week but then I woke up this morning and thought to myself...why should I get ready when I just have to go back to bed at 2pm? I work a graveyard tonight and I always try to get at least 3 hrs of sleep before I go in at 7. Ps its noon right now. So I hurried and put some clothes on and took a quick camera phone picture! Enjoy!

I'm wearing a awesome button up from Kohls and a black sweater from Eddie Bauers. Can't see my jeans but just imagine some dark boot cut True Religions lol

And yes I'm wearing glasses...and yes they are prescription, but its not strong enough for me to get contacts.

Ps I wasn't a procrastinator and wrote a paper and turned it in 5 days early...go me! Lol