Wow I would have to say that this post might be a downer, so if you're lookin' for an upbeat happy post you might want to push the back button.

Well this past week was kinda a huge bummer. It started off with Monday(way to start the week right...)

Monday we found out that we weren't going to be able to build our duplex on the lot we were planning on. The reason being was because the people in the neighborhood we were going to be building in were already complaining about it.  Feeling were hurt, I'm not going to lie! It felt as if they didn't want me in their community, they didn't want me to grow up and have a family, they didn't want to start my investment. I know I'm probably taking this more personal than I should be seriously thats how I felt.  Plus one thing I don't understand is there are 13 duplexes within a 3 block radius of the property, how is one more going to change the neighborhood? So guess we will have to find another property...

Then Thursday I went to lunch with some coworkers then we went shopping at Forever21 which I haven't been to for months and was super excited to do some shopping. Well during shopping I got really sick and had to run home. Big bummer, no shopping, no enjoying coworkers, and no going anywhere after that. Which means I missed my moms birthday dinner :( I felt horrible.

Friday I felt much better, I think it might have been the food I ate. But then I started getting a cold. And let me tell you, this cold has been kicking my butt since Friday. I'm currently sitting in bed sick with nasal congestion that is the worst I've ever experienced. So I called in sick today from I HATE doing that! I feel so irresponsible, but I really need to get better before I continue on with my week.

Ok that's it. I'm done complaining. And I'm sorry that I haven't been a very blog friendly person, hopefully I'll feel better so I will get ready in the morning and get back to normal life.


Lilly's Style said...

That's a bummer, sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll find even a better spot to build your new home on.

Your week hasn't been a good one. Hope this one gets better and you feel better real soon.

Nikki said...

Thanks Lilly! I can always count on you for a comment that makes me feel 'loved'

*ps all you who don't blog, comments are the greatest things every, they make your day!