WOW I did it! I made it the whole month without buying any clothes or accessories! It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but maybe because I was sooo busy that I just didn't have time to shop. Although I am the type of person who hates rules and if they are there, they need to be broken. But I can honestly say I did not buy anything this past month.

I wanted to thank Lilly from Lilly's Style for putting the challenge out there, it was nice to have people to actually support you in the challenge. I feel like those of you who took part in the challenge with us we all need to get together and celebrate! Dinner? (lol too bad we don't live close)

Next on the agenda...

I am honestly a boring person this Halloween, I didn't plan for a costume, I had to work from 0700-1900 today, and I'll probably just jump in my comfy clothes after work and hangout at my house, my parents house, or my in laws house. But for all of you party people out there, be safe and have fun! Then come tell me what you did! LOL

If I was going to dress up I think Hubs and I should have done this. Love it!!

Have a fun night!!

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Denise Pacurar said...

Congrats on not shopping for an entire month! I recently challenged myself to not shop for 60 days!! It was so so hard!!!! But the extra money sure is nice, as I'm sure you know :)

xoxo Denise