Just look at this dress...I love it! I seem to always find it hidden in my closet around fall time, but I have a few problems with it...

I think it's great by itself, but I'm not the by itself kinda girl. 
My problems are 
I don't know how to spruce it up,
What shoes to wear with it, 
if I can wear a cardi with it, 
or what necklace/scarf to wear. 

Any ideas?? I really want to feel stunning in it!


Lilly's Style said...

Great dress!
For Fall I would wear it with boots, you can add a cardi or blazer with it, either one would go nicely. Even your white jacket would go fab with it. Even tights and some heels would look good.
Try it on, play with it and see what you feel most comfortable in :)

gi-gi said...

I agree with pairing it with some boots and bold jewelry. Layer with a cardi and viola, you will look awesome.

Nikki said...

Thanks guys, great ideas!! Ill have to play around with it and i'll for sure take a pic and post it with what i decided!


C & M said...

boots, or ballerinas, blazer! nice blog btw

Clara Turbay said...

Very stylish!


Erin Johnson said...

Or if you really can't think of anything, you could always give it to me :)

But yes, boots & a cute scarf with maybe a purse that pops