Today was one of those days, I had a few things I had to do...
     *vacuum house
     *rearrange furniture
     *go to the doc(just for a normal check up)
     *do homework
Well I've done 3-4 of those things, the only thing left is to do my homework.  I'm am absolutely not motivated to do my 45 question quiz that is open book and open notes. So instead Jeff and I went to the park and took our dog and played some baseball. Boomer(our dog) loves the park, he just ran around lifting his leg on every little corner there was, then would run back to us and lay right at our feet so we couldn't move and catch the ball. it was fun. That's the reason my feet our cut off of these pictures because I'm wearing kinda nasty shoes lol

Well I better be responsible and do my quiz, since I wasn't responsible last night and ended up doing it at midnight.