Wow that week just flew by!! I'm not going to lie I feel like I worked my little butt off this week, and I feel like I need my sleep in day! But that isn't going to be today, because right as you probably are reading this I'm working a lovely 12 hour shift. So tomorrow will be my sleep in day, and I'll wake up and go out on the balcony of the lovely house up in Eden only to view the majestic scenery over Pineview lake and the Huntsville valley. I defiantly will take pictures so I can show you what I am talking about, but remember pictures NEVER do it justice!

On the other hand I'm taking a canvas and some acrylic paints so I can get started on my newest project for my living room. I'm going to paint...yes you heard it...Nikki's going to paint! lol my excuse for when it turns out weird is 'It's abstract!' lol I'm excited to try and pull out some creative juices from this over exhausted brain full of medical terms and disease processes, guess we will see how it turns out!

Oh a fun fact about me...I got out of my first speeding ticket today!! It was amazing! I didn't cry, I was completely honest, and was very considerate of the cops safety(I pulled down a small road off the main one) and followed all the rules like kept my hands on the steering wheel until he got to my window. Let me tell you 2 things though, I'm super lucky because 1. just yesterday I didn't have the current insurance card in my car and 2. I was going about 18 over the speed limit when I got pulled over.

Here are some pictures from the outfit I wore, man it was a great day yesterday! Have a rad weekend, tell me what you did?


Lilly's Style said...

Yay for getting out of the ticket :)
Great photos! It looks like it's warm where you are. Up here is 50 right now...brr.

Nikki said...

I know no tickets are wonderful!!!

The temp is perfect right now, it's not boiling hot but it's not cold either. It's 3/4th sleeve temp right now and that's perfect for me!!