Because I have been so busy with my new life and haven't been able to blog, I thought you guys deserved a Saturday post! Aren't you soo lucky!!

How about an update at first. My worries about the people at school are done and over. Everyone is super nice and there isn't any bad cliques. I am way surprised about how friendly everyone is. It defiantly made everything else a lot easier. Other than the people school is extremely busy. Let me just inform you as you were checking back at my blog for new posts{or I hope you were} I was learning how to insert an IV, hang IV fluids, hang blood for a transfusion, learning all the parts to a central line and how to place an NG tube. Yep you read that list right....all that in one week! CRAZY! Oh not to mention on top of that had a math test and 2 pharmacology classes!! 2 not 1, and pharm is crazy details! Lets just say my brain is a little bit like mash potatoes right now!

I did however try to blog on Thurs for my {How To} series but Blogger was being a lame face and wouldn't allow me to do anything. Which by the way was extremely annoying. So instead I went and did more fun read my med/surg book :( I have no life, double :(

My resolution is still going strong! Minus the shoes I had to buy for school, but I don't count those because it was a necessity. But I did get the Reebok's Easy Tones. I thought I should try them out since I will be on my feet 10-12 hrs a day when I'm at clinical and work. Why not work my little booty while I'm walking around? And the plus side is the Reebok's aren't as hideous as the Sketcher. (Sorry I'm not a fan of those crazy moon shoes!) I think my resolution is still going well because I just don't have time to shop! It's perfect, for me and my wallet!!

OK let me share with you this one jacket that I have been drooling over! I want it really bad...

Dang you North Face for coming out with a sweet Moto Style Jacket that I just have to have. and dang you Nordstrom for placing it your catalog and shipping it too my house! If you hadn't i would still be blind to your great design! (PS if anyone feels so obligated to surprise me with a package which has this jacket in it size S, I'm totally fine with that! LOL) This is a very tempting purchase, I can't waste my 1 item already...or can i? What do you think? 

Oh PS...I give up on HTML!!!