OK everyone knows that after Christmas there are great deals, and hopefully everyone has read about New Years resolution and knows those two don't go together. But thankfully New Years resolutions don't take effect until New Years day!

2 days ago there was a cute little girl wearing a Triumph Motorcycle shirt. Well I asked her mom where she got that cute shirt. In the long run I found out that it was from the Lucky store and that they were having 40% off there sale items.

So I went and ventured off to the Lucky store down at the Gateway yesterday thinking I'd go buy a shirt for my hubby. I got down there and they didn't have any shirts his size (which always happens) so i wandered off to the women's section. Which my brain was telling me to put myself in park and reverse my steps right out the door. Of coarse i didn't listen because hello 40% of sale items! Well I found 2 great things! I found a denim jacket that is originally $100 and only cost me $18. Then I found my Triumph shirt for $11 which originally cost $50.

Yippee new clothes...for the last time in 2 months. I surely enjoyed it!

Happy New Years Eve!!