I want to apologize for my absence (once again). But i had quite the weekend between my husband and my brother in and out of drs. Don't fret though everything is fine with both of them, just my brother is going to take sometime to heal his broken bone.

So the reason for my post is because I want to share one reason why i love Free People. I think my reasoning for this is because when i was a teenager i never wanted to really follow the normal Brighton High School girl style. I feel Free People has clothes that just step outside the norm yet still super stylish. Well while searching the internet one day i found this YouTube video that shows how the hairstylist for Free People made the rainbow braid. I love the new info and can't wait to get my own set of extensions that are scheduled for 2 weeks, so i'll get to try this out (minus the bright colors) in a few weeks.

Hope you enjoy the new hair info!