I had a wonderful trip to northern California, the journey was long there yet extremely beautiful. Once there we settled down in our 5 star hotel, The Mandarin Oriental. Being located in the Financial District in the heart of San Francisco It had some of the most amazing views of the city I have ever seen. From the 43rd floor I could see the Golden Gate Bridge to the North and AT &T field to the South.

When I arrived there on Saturday in the Financial District there wasn't any suits walking around, there wasn't any black slacks and jackets with fancy heels, there actually wasn't much of anyone walking around. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't see any amazing business attire worn by the ladies of San Fran, but a little walk to Union Square and I saw great fashion ideas everywhere. Black leggings, fedoras, and Ray Ban sunglasses. Gave me new ideas for my own fashion.

I had super fun on this little vacation, can't wait for the next one!!