I don't usually express my feelings of anything other than my love for fashion and traveling on here but i need somewhere to get my stress out. I thought this would be a perfect place to do it. Hope i don't sound too retarded but I'm super stressed about this whole NCLEX boards!! This has been the hardest thing for me to prepare for and it's been an emotional roller coaster since April.

It all started with the fact that i didn't get accepted into the RN Completion program. That was a huge disappointment and i was actually extremely biter and didn't want to pick up a single book, i didn't even want to look at anything to do with nursing. I felt kinda betrayed by my school and everyone who said 'You'll be fine' 'You'll get in' 'Ogden campus students get first priority so you're an automatic in'. Well to everyone who said that Its not your fault, i should have expected the worse then maybe i wouldn't have been so disappointed because i know i did the best i could in class and all my tests.

From there It took a whole month to tell my classmates that i wasn't going to be joining them in the fall and pick up a book that was related to school and not feel sad about it. So after that month off i guess i started buckling back down and now I'm trying to get back in the groove of it all. Remembering all the maneuvers, procedures, and equipment would be a lot harder if i didn't have the job i have now.

My next stress with this test is that it freaking costs $300 to take! With that said i don't want to waste that money on a failing grade, if that was the case i could have used that money to buy some really great shoes or an amazing handbag.

Stress number 3: Everyone i have talked to that has taken this test has said it's harder than they thought it was and they all have gotten the least amount of questions 85.  I feel like there is a expectation for me to get the least amount of questions. I know i shouldn't think that, only for the fact that if i do get over 85 questions it's going to frustrate me that i might not be doing very good.

I think the last stress is that if and when i pass this test i get a promotion at work which also includes a raise! So there is another added pressure to this test.

Well thanks for letting me get that stress out. I'm going back to studying now! Have a great night!!