I never use to like watches until i was required to wear one for work. I just wasn't a watch person, i felt that i always had my cell phone on me so i always had the time. Not to mention my phone was 90% of the time in my hands. At work I had to get one with a second hand to count respiration, so I guess you can say work opened me up to a new world of accessories.

Since that I've fallen in love with watches that are functional nurse watches. Here are a few examples.

Baby G Shock


Marc By Marc Jacobs (My favorite)
All these watches can be found at Nordstrom

Let me know what's your new favorite watch for the season!

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Jacks said...

Cute watches. I am also not a big watch fan. I have tried to do it a couple of times but they always seem to get in the way when I am taking care of the kids. I really think that I need to get a waterproof one so that it won't get ruined because I am washing my hands all day long. Cute blog, great ideas.