When I tell most people my husband and I have 6 bikes at our house their jaw usually drops and ask why 2 people have so many bikes under one roof. My husband is the kind of guy who pressures you to always have the best and to try everything once, and i do have small part in it too. So with that being said explains how we ended up with 6 bikes at our house.

Last night we went for 'a little' bike ride on our fixed gear and had a blast. It was fun to have the weather finally warm enough to get out and enjoy my husbands company. Currently I'm a little frustrated with my fixed gear, it just doesn't seem very comfortable. The history behind this bike is interesting, my father-in-law picked it up off the side of the road and gave it to me. From there Jeff and I sanded it down, painted it, and bought new wheels and a chain. We still haven't replaced the handle bars or the saddle. Which is why the bike is so uncomfortable. The saddle is this old black spring seat that seriously gives me a wedgie every time i ride, and the bars are a set of mustache bars that are turned upside down and are just too low for me. Jeff kinda fixed the bars but they just don't fit the style of bike I want.

So I've started on a search for a new bike. If you have any current ideas email me or leave a comment and let me know I'm open for any ideas.

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Jeff said...

Someone made your bike left side drive in this picture. oh wait it was me haha. We will get you a more comfy ride.