Hair can make or break a style!

If you have an amazing outfit but have over processed 80's curls with the poofy bangs, i can guarantee that you'll be noticed for your hair and not the outfit. In my life if i am going to start a new chapter i like to start fresh with new clothes, new accessories and new hair.

My new hair adventure started at Lunatic Fringe.

When i first heard about Lunatic Fringe and it being a high-end salon i had 3 pre-conceived notions about them, the price being little too high , snotty rich ladies and their talk filling the room, and super fast pace action with no personal one on one time with my stylist. After i made my appointment i asked 'the price' question, the answer i got was surprising. Only $50 for a cut. To some this may be expensive, but to me who would regularly pay only about $10 less and would have to go back to the stylist for a little fix here and fix there, this was not a bad price. (Don't get me wrong i love my old stylist, i feel it's okay to have more than one.) Now that i felt better about the price i could start to figure out how i wanted my hair cut.

The next day i arrived at Lunatic Fringe (2545 E Parleys Way) I instantly fell in love with the lime green decor, the modern style furniture and how clean and organized it was. I actually felt comfortable to sit in the chair and pick up the papers on the table and not feel as if i was going to catch some incurable disease! Everyone there was super kind and very detail oriented from the receptionist to the assistants running around cleaning up the stylists hair mess. But that's exactly what they were all doing, running around, and wow was this a super fast pace salon.

Let me just say I was very impressed with the whole process of getting my haircut. I actually felt like there was a full consultation, wash, cut, then style. During the consultation she listened to my thoughts and added her own little funkiness in there, making sure i agreed upon it. After the well needed massage i got during the wash the cut began, and it began with instructions on why she was cutting this way, that way, and the reasoning behind that. This was one of my favorite parts, I'm use to just the stylist doing their thing, i don't know why they cut the hair in the direction or why they held it that way. The style portion was the same way and made perfect sense on every step. This just goes to show that minus the craziness going on around me i still got my one on one time with my stylist.

When i was sitting their getting my hair styled i realized that one of my other notions had been very wrong. From what i saw there was more a variety of people in there with different fashion styles, different sexual orientation, and people from different monetary value. It was actually one of the best places i have ever 'people watched' at.

Overall my time at Lunatic Fringe was great! The stylist was awesome, the atmosphere was fun and i felt my money was well spent. I will definitely being making a trip back there for my next cut! Thanks Chelsea and Jessica!