This lady is so adorable not to mention she's been helping me out here a lot lately! It's Lauren from Sincerely Lo. Not only is she quite the fashionista but she's also really talented with Mintgem. So make sure and get to know her here then rush to her blog and follow her!

I really started to focus and put time into my blog last December!

I recently just changed it from Mintgem (my jewelry shop name) to Sincerely, Lo. I wanted to separate the two. I got the idea for my new blog name from my favorite blog Sincerely, Jules. Coming up with the blog name was the hardest part of blogging for me! 

I was born outside of Seattle, Washington but we moved back to Utah when I was still a baby

Not married, but do have a boyfriend. I have two pets a dog named Rosco, and a cat named Henry. They are often shown off on my blog!

I am currently going to school at the University of Utah for Marketing, and also nannying for a 10 month old and another family with a 3 and 6 yr old!

My wedge black lace up ankle boots! They are very comfortable, spice up any outfit, and can be worn so many ways! 
I have never been to Sundance, I dont know why because it sounds like fun! But I would have to say snowboarding

Sleeping in. I could sleep all day everyday

A hunk of metal called a VW Jetta. Its a ticking time bomb! 

My BIGGEST fear is the little girl from 'The Ring'. It scarred me for life!

Definitely stripes! 

Instagram. No contest! I swear Im on there all day! 

Currently, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Bali, Indonesia! Its the farthest I've ever been and it was the first time I flew by myself! Also its an amazing place with amazing people! On the trip, I got to meet the real Balinese Medicine Man from the book Eat, Pray, Love! 

Its not really a statement piece but I am saving up for new bathing suit! Summer is right around the corner! 

 Yay for swimming suits, I need to start looking for one too! Don't forget to check out her blog and stick around her stop of awhile! Thanks Lauren!

Have you guys heard of this lady? If not you are going to LOVE her! Bridgette of Bridgette Nicole is gorgeous and her blog is addicting!  I really enjoyed reading her interview and getting to know her more, I hope you do too. 

I have been blogging since 2008. I started as a personal journal for myself. As I have discovered what I wanted to use my blog for I have turned it into my real love in life, fashion. 

My mom named me Bridgette Nicole. Such an original blog name, using my own name, right? haha. I like to say it with a french accent when I read it and then it sounds so much cooler. 

I was born in Southern California and lived there for 10 years, then moved to Seattle and graduated high school there. I moved to Utah for college! :)

I am married to my amazing, loving, and supportive hubby, I don't ever call him by his name on my blog, just hubby! ;)

 I am a 1st Grade Teacher and I LOVE it!!

My poetic license shoes. They are girly, pretty, comfortable and practical. I have never been a huge shoe person but would be willing to spend as much as I need to, to get more of these cute, fun shoes in my closet!

I LOVE running the canyon all year long, skiing in the winter, and learning to play golf in the summer. 

I have major road rage... oops! :/

Mazda 3 hatchback... I love her! Yes, it's a her because she is so cute and no I don't name cars but it's definitely a she.

being attacked by a shark when I am in the ocean...

 stripes AND polka dots!! I have a love affair with both. If I HAD to choose one I would say polka dots because they are more girly! :)

 Instagram! @bridgettenicole

Once Upon A Time and The Big Bang Theory (my hubby is a nerd and got me into this show and I LOVE it!)

 Paris! I went with my now hubby when we were dating. He is from there so it was so fun visiting his amazing "home". Can't wait to go back!

hmmm... what am I not saving up for? I would love a Kate Spade dress. :)

I'm a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, it's one of the greatest shows on TV right now! Anyway, this is one lovely lady and I want to thank her for helping me out! Make sure and check her blog out here!

I freaking love this girl! She has helped me out multiple times around these parts and I swear I repin all of her pins on Pinterest! Go check out Marsa over at The DayLee Journal after you read her interview, you'll be hooked!

I've had my blog for about one year now, but I didn't actually start doing anything with it until last summer haha

Well, it's pretty simple actually. Our last name is Lee, and I wanted the blog to represent my daily life happenings with the hubs. Thus, "The DayLee Journal." It actually took me awhile to come up with this haha.


No way! I'm from Hawaii. I was born in Japan, but I moved to Hawaii when I was just two :)

No pets, no kids, but I am married to the most wonderful man ever! I call him honey, husband, hubs, but you can call him Jerry.

I'm just a poor student :)

Hmm... that's a tough one! I would have to say either my aztec cardi or my leggings. I love those things! I can sleep in them. I also love all of my boots too. I guess it's hard to pick a "favorite." I don't discriminate haha

Snowboarding for sure. Utah has the best snow for snowboarding. Soft and fluffy. But during the summer, I guess I would like hiking.

I tend to leave the cupboards open... a lot. One time Jerry came home from work and when he came into the kitchen, all of the cupboards were open. He though a burglar came in haha. Silly man.

Hyundai Elantra. Love that ghetto thang. It's been through a lot with us.

I'm scared of being a bad example to my kids. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that kinda stuff. All i know is that my mom was such an amazing example for me and I can only hope that I'll be the same for my kids.

Stripes!!! I do like paisley patterns on husbands ties though.

Instagram! I just got one and it's pretty much the best thing ever. I check that thing more often than I do Facebook.

I don't watch TV much. We don't have one because we're studious people... or maybe just poor. Hah. But we did watch all of the Lost seasons online! That was fun. Sometimes I'll watch The Bachelor or Pretty Little Liars when hubs isn't home.

Hmm... I'll have to say my Hawaii trip with Jerry last year! That's when we got married. Good times :)
We're also going to have a big vacation this summer. We're going to Japan, Australia, and Hawaii. So excited!

Not really saving for anything. But if I were saving for something, I would totally get another pair of wedge sneakers!!

Whoa did you read about that huge vacation? Wow I'm totally jealous! Make sure and check her bloggy out!