My cute hubby and i will be hitting our 5 Year Anniversary this march...yes you read right i said 5! Well we want to go somewhere exciting but we can't decide where. So we need some suggestions on amazing places to spend a week or so, we don't really want to jump the pond and we've been to every western state and we are ready to venture east. I've been to the major eastern cities but my hubby hasn't so any suggestions is good. I'm excited and want to start getting this trip all scheduled.


Here is my 1st outfit with my new DVF shoes! They came yesterday and I was very comfortable in my vans and baseball jersey shirt that I didn't want to change. But I did get super excited when i saw the box on my porch. I grabbed the box and went inside and opened it right away and tried them on. I was so worried they weren't going to fit, but they fit perfectly! 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


Here's my outfit from this week! I really like the yellow cardigan it goes with pretty much everything! These jeans are fun to wear but i feel like i have to wear them with heels or cuffed the bottoms and then with vans. It was slightly too warm still to wear a 3/4 cardigan but i couldn't wait for the cold weather so jumped the gun. I can't wait for the colder weather i love layers, jackets, and coats! Call me crazy but my reasoning is because I'm always freezing even in the summer and people can't make fun of me for wearing a jacket or sweatshirt in the winter time.

Jeans- Nordstrom, tank top- F21, cardigan-Nordstrom