There are 2 great sales that are going on today!

First the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts TODAY!! I hope everyone is buying great pieces! Unfortunately i wont be enjoying all the fun and glory at 7AM because i have a work meeting :( but it's probably better i should be saving my money for our future adventure we just started planning!

The second sale i came across today was the Forever 21 sale. Its got great pieces and thought I'd share my favorites!

Silken Crochet Cami
I love the detail in this top!

Stripped Pocket Top
I am a sucker for t-shirts and strips!

Midriff Tie Floral Shirt
I love this top because i don't have anything like this, I'm contemplating ordering it...

Look at that detail on the side, that's all I have to say about these fantastic glasses!

Fern Woven Peep Flats
I love white shoes, I need to add more to my collection!

Those are my faves, hope you get to take advantage of either of these great sales! Have a great weekend I'm off to Bear Lake for a little more wake boarding and boating!

Today i love my outfit because of how simple and summery it is. The picture is kinda silly because my dog Boomer just loves a photo opt and had to run into EVER single shot right before the timer was about to go off. That's OK though because Boomer is one of the coolest dogs I know :) 

T-shirt from Nordstrom $9.99, Short from Nordstrom $38.99, Shoes from Forever Young Shoes $24.99 and Necklace from Target $14.99

Wish it would have been Boomers better side in the picture but oh well i find it very funny he wanted to be in a picture so bad.

Today i went and got my nails done after a VERY long 2 days at work. I've been getting this new polish called Shellac, it's a step below acrylic nails and a step above normal nail polish. Since I work in the medical field i can't have fake nails yet i enjoy having nice looking finger nails. The Shellac lasts about 6 weeks and i never have to worry about chips. Today i got the color called Hot Chilis, it looks great and Annie at Main Attraction did an amazing job! If you want her number leave me a comment!

Here is the website for more info. It's AMAZING!!

Thanks Annie!!

Guess what starts next week? Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! I just took a quick look at the catalog and got all excited, they have a lot of great stuff in there! Embellished shirts, shoes, jackets and belts are in! Jackets of every style are a hit, and leggings of every color are still around!

I'm sooo happy about these fashions styles because i LOVE them all! I love sparkles and think everything should have sparkles, gems and diamonds on it!  I have a whole closet full of jackets and have always been a sucker for any type so this catalog hit the spot for me! The boots for fall...oh the boots! My husband is going to tell me i don't need anymore jackets and boots but what he doesn't know is that I've been saving for a great pair!

I love the:
    Trouve knit pants on pg 11 for $49.90
    Halogen Jacket on pg 12 for $98.90
    Trina Trunk 'Stanton' Capri's on pg 16 for $129.90
    Steve Madden faux-leather bomber on pg 18 for $49.90
    Cara Couture bracelet and necklace on pg 19

Ok i have to stop listing because my list just goes on and on!!

So i wont keep you waiting if you haven't looked at the catalog yet, here is the link!

Leave a comment to tell me your favorite piece in the catalog!

I was a lazy blogger this past weekend because I went to Bear Lake on Thursday night and was short on time and wasn't able to blog. I apologize! I also noticed I didn't show my outfit for last week so here is my outfit I'm wearing now. It's kinda a fun summery outfit. The leggings are from Target i think 2 years ago for $12, Bracelets from H&M $5.99, Sandals from Forever Young Shoes $21.95, and shirt from a local boutique in Portland for $24.99. All together not a bad priced outfit! Sometimes the simplest outfit is the best! Oh and don't even ask me what my face is doing in the top picture, i'm not quite sure what i was thinking! lol